Family! DL 650 V-Strom DESERT EXPRESS - ready for Offroad!

Es wird ja auch mal Zeit, dass die "kleine Strom" in die DESERT EXPRESS Familie aufgenommen wird!

Und genau das haben wir nun endlich geschafft. Schaut Euch die Videos an, da wird viel erklärt.
... And our friends outside germany can read the english text below 💪

Natürlich gibts auch Bilder! Das eine oder andere Detail lässt sich so viel ausgiebiger "begucken"...


The "small" Desert Express by hessler rallyeteam with offroad upgrades - for an real offroad useable bike!

1.more ground clearance 
longer fork legs with more suspension travel
longer rear damper with more travel

2. better and more stable controls
footpeg bracket with thicker pin and PivotPegz
(or HRT Rallye Footpegs)
handlebar levers full adjustable - with stable handprotectors - include LED indicators 

hrt brake lever - turnable pin and alloy lever. made for offroad.
magura x-line lever with special bracket to ajust the handlebar position right for the DL650
more compact front screen in "DESERT EXPRESS" design. perfect airflow and better view onroad and offroad

hrt shift lever - multi adjustable and made from stailness steel - unbreakable!

3. front and backend upgrade
smaller "ass" with new license plate bracket, smaller indicators and license plate light
lightweight, better sound, more freedom for the left foot

DL1000 Front fender and (yellow) fork gaiters for improved offroad capability and especially for a nicer design! :-)

4. Performance Exhaust
Arrow full exhaust with approval


the best V-Strom 650 (we know) ;-)