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The the coolest V-Strom of all time...

Inzwischen hat die "Desert Express" schon einige Monate "auf dem Buckel" - aber alter Quark ist sie trotzdem nicht.

Vielmehr kommt Sie wohl gerade in der weiten Reiseenduro -Welt an, was uns natürlich sehr freut.

ADV Pulse / USA schreibt: (Link: ADV Pulse)

"V-Strom 1000 Goes Full Bore Off-Road With New Upgrade Kit
 Hessler Motorsports kit adds legit off-road performance to the Big Zook."

Das britische Brake.Magazine meint: (Link: Brake.Magazine)

V-Stroms are not cool. They’re good at what they do, they’re great value and plenty can be said in their favour, but never has one been described as cool. They are a solid bike, efficient and functional. Suzuki even gave the V-Strom 1000 XT a jazzy yellow colour scheme in 2017 yet, we weren’t drooling.
Yet Steffan Hessler, a German with a deep seated love of Suzuki’s has made something that definitely is cool. He’s gutted a V-Strom to make his ultimate twin cylinder adventure kit, moving the V-Strom from a road bas…